Key Lime Doughnut

Oh, Gibson’s! You know I love you with a love deeper than the deepest part of the Mississippi River, right?! I’ve waxed almost poetic about you. When my friends from Texas come to Memphis for a visit, and I ask them what they want to see, you know where they want to go? Up there with Graceland, any number of music museums, the Peabody ducks, and Memphis BBQ? They want to go to Gibson’s Donuts.

Why do I explain all of the above? Because the following hurts me to admit.

I had a less than satisfactory doughnut at Gibson’s.

Here’s the deal: in a way, it’s a compliment to the fine folks at my favorite doughnut shop. The bar is very, very high. Gibson’s can nail just about any flavor you challenge them to translate into doughnut.

So it was with high hopes that I got (last month’s) doughnut of the month: Key Lime. I have to admit: I was a tad wary of the color of the green filling:

K top split 2

The doughnut was … okay. The key lime filling wasn’t quite as tangy as I was expecting. The powdered sugar doughnut didn’t seem to mesh well with the sorta tangy flavor. And I must have forgotten that the powdered doughnut was not my favorite.

For a good description of what key lime should taste like, read Southern Living‘s history of it (and a recipe) here.

So according to the experts, key lime should be a creamy yellow, not green.

KL split 2

And this green was an, ahem, unusual green color. Almost like slime green. I was going to include a photo of green slime, but it is not Pretty, and I don’t want to do that to your eyes or do anything that seems to be making fun of Gibson’s.

So I give this doughnut points for creativity and boldness. Who else would have attempted a key lime doughnut? My opinion: if Gibson’s wants to try this again (and maybe it shouldn’t), go with the sugary doughnut and a graham cracker-ish topping, kind of like the Strawberry Shortcake. And if it wants to stay with the green color to differentiate from its other cream-filled doughnuts. go a tad darker and / or brighter.

Tastee score: 4 (it hurts me more than it hurts you)

Doughnut news: Taking a break from doughnut news for Important Memphis News: this week is International Elvis Week to commemorate Elvis’ death 40 years ago. Graceland’s list of things you can do to honor The King of Rock ‘N Roll is here.  Cross-check that list against the events listed in the I Love Memphis blog here.

One very important change: you have to buy a ticket to participate in the Candlelight Vigil this year.



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