Happy National Doughnut Day!

Y’all, I started my trek through Gibson’s Donuts’ menu just over ONE YEAR ago! Weeks and weeks of tastee-ness later, here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Gibson’s tagline of “tastee” really does set the standard of tastee-ness in the doughnut world.
  2. Gibson’s employees are some of the friendliest, most efficient, hard-working folks I’ve ever encountered. Employers, if a resume lands on your desk with “Gibson’s Donuts” listed in the candidate’s work background, then that person should be your leading candidate for the job.
  3. The fans / patrons / devotees of Gibson’s are warmly congenial and absolutely devoted to their favorite doughnut shop.
  4. Gibson’s captures the heart of the #Choose901 movement: love Memphis, love people, make Memphis a better place, and brighten the day of each person you meet.

National Doughnut Day is no ordinary day, so in celebration I visited Gibson’s three times.

Let’s review the tastee-ness, shall we?


Old fashioned plain 2

The lighting makes this look dry. It was not dry.

This is the Old Fashioned without the glaze. Each bite isa combination of the soft inside and the crispy edges. With no sugary glaze, the taste is distinct from just about every other doughnut I’ve had at Gibson’s. And that’s the poetry of this doughnut: you find out how tastee a Gibson’s doughnut really is: cake doughnut so perfectly fried, it tastes almost creamy, juxtaposed against the crispiness of the edges.

Tastee score: 9

Lemon Drops

NO holes 2

Pretty proud of the lighting here.

I ordered two of these. You know, to pace myself on my marathon Doughnut Day, but the Gibson’s person said they were sold only in threes.

Twist my arm, why don’t you??

At first, I thought these were the doughnut hole version of the New Orleans. But I later learned they’re called Lemon Drops. Y’all. These are so very tastee: a thin sheen of glaze encasing a slightly dark-tasting crust. Then a bright lemon flavor in the middle, like a burst of sunshine on a gray, cloudy day. Go get yoself one three of these at your next available snack time.

Tastee score: 10

Old Fashioned

My last trip to Gibson’s on National Doughnut Day was at about 11 pm. I went with two of my Aggie friends who have lived in Memphis for years and not been to Gibson’s. THE HORROR! So I persuaded them to make the drive, regaling them with stories about the glory of the glazed doughnuts, the cakey perfection of the old fashioned until I could see them drooling (Mentally, not physically. They are ladies.). Even though the magical Gibson’s doughnut bakers (friers?) had been at work non-stop for more than 24 hours in preparation for National Doughnut Day, there weren’t many options (Memphis drains Gibson’s dry on National Doughnut Day), so I went for what I’ve now decided is my favorite doughnut, the Old Fashioned:

Old fash 2

When I design my family crest, this will be the symbol in the middle.

It did not disappoint. In the past, I’ve given this doughnut a tastee score of 9. But I think this is the third time I’ve had this doughnut, and you know what they say about that:

Tastee score: 10


At church the next Sunday, someone brought Gibson’s doughnuts to share with the class. In the spirit of National Doughnut Day weekend, I partook:

Chocolate Glazed

Church chocolate 2

Notice the classic wood grain of the church table.

For reals, I could almost smell the glorious chocolate glaze through my computer screen. Gibson’s does simple so well: a delicious glazed doughnut topped with just enough chocolate that you can taste the chocolate without losing the doughnutty doughnut-ness.

Tastee score: 9 (because the Old Fashioned has my whole heart)

Stay tuned for the Key Lime Doughnut!



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