Lots o’ cream; lots o’ frosting

Behold all this sugary goodness!

choc glazed sprinkles 2

Chocolate glaze, frosting, sprinkles, and on the inside: a delicious creamy vanilla filling! I did not discover the creamy filling until I had taken the first glorious bite. So no photos of the inside because of my refusal to photograph chewed up food.

This is a very pretty doughnut, no? Who doesn’t love sprinkles?? The contrast of the pink against the dark color of the chocolate makes this doughnut all the more enticing.

The eating experience was interesting, however. I heated it up slightly, so after several bites, the frosting on top slid off. But I gotta tell you: I’m not gonna complain about eating straight frosting! With all the sugar-based components, this was a very, very sweet doughnut. Not as sweet as the Jolly Rancher, but still quite sweet.

Part of me wishes there had been more emphasis on doughnut rather than the sugary additions, as all the extra sugary-ness seemed to overpower the delighfulness of Gibson’s glazed doughnut. But I would recommend this doughnut.

Tastee score: 7.

Doughnut news: Remember when a faithful Gibson’s customer tried to make it a drive-through? Gibson’s made lemonade-flavored doughnuts when life handed them lemons: Local Memphis artist Adam Exelbierd painted the boarded up windows:

Art window 2

Aren’t these murals fantastic? I love the splattered look. Check out more of Mr. Exelbierd’s work on his Instagram account.

MORE doughnut news: According to Australia, this week is National Doughnut Week! A whole week dedicated to doughnuts? I fully support this! I think this means a couple of trips to Gibson’s this week. Stay tuned.




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