King Cake

We’re in the middle of Lent, so let’s do a throwback to Mardi Gras! Gibson’s Donuts found a great way to celebrate: what I’m pretty sure was real King Cake twisted into a circular shape, then topped with vanilla frosting, and green, yellow and purple glittery sprinkles.

King cake 3

What you can’t see: underneath the generous frosting are two cakes that are swirled, cinnamon bun-style, into a doughnut shape (I know, I know, I should have photographed it – next time!), then stuck together with the frosting.

These are very popular: when I tried to get it the weekend prior – on Sunday after church, they were out. So I returned the following Sunday before church, and when the Gibson’s person handed this to me, he warned: “Be careful, it’s got LOTS of frosting and glitter on it!” To which I responded, “Get excited!”

The taste: Here’s the deal, I am not an expert in King Cake. I like eating it (sugary carbs!), but I’m not sure if King Cake should be flaky or cake-y. So my mostly uninformed opinion of the taste of Gibson’s King Cake Doughnut: very nice. Not the OH MY WORD!, this is AMAZING! response when I had the Old Fashioned or Glazed, but it was … nice.

The frosting? So yummy! The glittery sprinkles? Very festive. The baby: let’s be frank, it’s a little creepy. What do you do with it after you eat the doughnut/King Cake? It seems strange to keep it – because where do you store it? The utensil drawer? Junk drawer? Jewelry box? I’m not gonna use it for anything, so maybe I should just throw it away. But does anyone else feel a smidge guilty about throwing away a tiny baby, even if it’s plastic?

Also, was it sanitized before they smushed its tiny plastic bum into the lovely vanilla frosting? A thought I had after I ate this, sadly.

Tastee score: 7

I’ll do some research on King Cake in preparation for next year, when I’ll try this one again.

Doughnut news: Technically, not doughnut news, but some interesting facts about the meaning of King Cake from Southern Living, which is basically the Bible for all Southern cooks.





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