Strawberry Cake Doughnut

Confession: I missed Gibson’s doughnut of the month last month: Samoa, like the Girl Scout cookie.

Confession No. 2: I was relieved to have missed it because it had coconut all over it, and I do not enjoy coconut (Cousin Gwen eats my share of it.)

BUT I spotted a strawberry cake doughnut. So much tastee-er sounding than the coconut-slathered Samoa (which I’m sure coconut lovers have found to be lovely).


See all the bits of strawberry in the doughnut? Such a beautiful doughnut.

I tried to keep my expectations in check because the blueberry doughnut was so perfectly blueberry-ey. A very high bar for all other fruit-flavored cake doughnuts.

There was a faint hint of strawberry scent mixed with the general sugary/cakey scent of the doughnut. What is not pictured is the inside: a soft, pale pink. I chose not to take a picture of it because I did not want to post a photograph of a half-eaten doughnut – no one needs to see where I gnawed on it. (PSA: please don’t post photos of food with bites taken out of whatever you’re eating. It’s not a pleasant sight.)

The strawberry taste was not overpowering (read: faint), but the thin layer of glaze added just the right amount of sweetness.

So it was a good doughnut.

Tastee score: 7

Doughnut news: Food Report of Memphis helped celebrate Gibson’s 50th Anniversary with a contest to win a dozen doughnuts from Gibson’s, so I entered. I did not win, which is WRONG, as a certain elected official is wont to say. Food Report, I go there almost weekly! (except for last month and part of December). And I help spread the word about Gibson’s with this little blog! Could there BE a more worthy winner?

I think not.

But hopefully the winners of the contest love Gibson’s just as much as I do and are sharing their doughnuts with their family and friends. Because really, the point is to spread the doughnut love as far as we can, right?

Food Report published this interview with Gibson’s owner, Mr. Don DeWeese, on their Facebook page that includes some interesting history about Gibson’s Donuts and how they make some of their doughnuts:






  1. That IS a beautiful doughnut! It looks like it would have a great, cakey texture. And it’s pink on the inside? So cute!
    I totally get the message in your PSA. Can you cut a doughnut with a knife to take a picture of the inside, or would that be Doughnut Desecration? 😮


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