Caramel Doughnuts & Doughnut Travel Tips

A couple of weeks ago, I read on a Saturday morning that Gibson’s Doughnuts was having carrot cake doughnuts for one weekend only.


From the Gibson’s Donuts Instagram Page

Of course, I immediately notified Cousin Gwen of this special flavor, and she urged me to get to Gibson’s right away! But unfortunately, I need not heed her advice, and they were all gone by Sunday afternoon when I decided to make my visit. I can only hope that Gibson’s reprises these oh-so-tastee looking doughnuts very soon.

Instead, I decided to go the more classic doughnut route. I tried the Caramel doughnut.


Pardon the cracks in the icing. This doughnut, in its Gibson’s doughnut bag, got pushed to the back of the counter while I made these delicious cookies. Next time, I’ll treat the doughnut with more respect.

I like how simple this doughnut is: just the classic glazed doughnut with caramel icing. No bells, no whistles, no sprinkles, no enhanced colors, nothing to draw extra attention to it. This doughnut is confident enough in itself to be Just Caramel.

The taste? Potentially compromised by my heating it up for too long in the microwave. I tried to wait for it to cool off, but it had been so long since I had my last Gibson’s doughnut, I wanted to eat it immediately. As a result, I couldn’t detect a clear caramel taste. There was a definite sugar taste – and no one is going to complain about that, right?? But not much caramel. So, sadly:

Tastee score: 5

This will definitely go on the “try it again” list.

Doughnut news: Gibson’s Donuts doughnuts travel fairly well.


Patiently waiting at the Memphis International Airport

Some friends of mine were kind enough to host me for a weekend trip to Houston, so I took them some doughnuts as a thank-you gift (like momma taught me). I got to go through the TSA Pre-Check line, which does not have bins for the various things you have to take out of your carry-ons to be scanned separately. So I carefully placed my two carry-ons just right so that the Gibson’s box would have enough space in between them to keep the box from smushed. A TSA security person in the regular security line saw my efforts and raced over to give me a bin for the doughnuts. Y’all, this is how revered Gibson’s Donuts doughnuts are in this town: even governmental safety officials help protect them!

Note: I would suggest taping the sides of the box lid down. Despite my best efforts, sometimes the inevitable jostling of the carry-on bag made the lid bend upward a tad, exposing the doughnuts to the elements. And we MUST protect the doughnuts! Especially if TSA is concerned about transporting them safely!


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