Doughnut Holes

So simple, so perfect: the doughnut hole. I visited some friends this weekend and didn’t want to show up empty-handed (like Momma taught me), so I brought along some doughnut holes:


Bag o’ mouth-watering goodness


These almost literally melt in your mouth. Sugary goodness in a little bite. A deceptively little bite. I might have eaten more of these than I should have. I’m sure my friends might confess to the same thing: the perfection of the glazed doughnut is very hard to resist.

Gibson’s treats the doughnut hole with a casual respect. They’re not often plainly visible in the display case. No big sign inviting people to try them. But anyone who knows Gibson’s knows they’re readily available. And that they are very, very tastee. I ordered three dozen, and the helpful Gibson’s person disappeared to the kitchen and returned just a few minutes later with a bag full o’ glazed goodness.

Tastee score: 10

Mr. DeWeese, the owner, chatted with me about A&M football while I waited (I was wearing my MidSouth A&M Club t-shirt). In fact, he engaged in friendly banter with all his customers. Perhaps he has set a bar of friendliness and helpfulness that all the Gibson’s people aspire to – and meet on a consistent basis.

Doughnut news: Gibson’s fall flavors are OUT, y’all! Pumpkin and pink icing. It will be very hard to wait until next weekend!



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