Month: September 2016

Happy Very, Very Belated National Cream Filled Doughnut Day

September 14: Mark your calendar for next year. Or use one of those revolving reminder features on the smart phone for this date every year. It’s National Cream Filled Doughnut Day. Cousin Gwen made sure to remind me.

Gibson’s was not officially celebrating National Cream Filled Doughnut Day – at least, I didn’t see any signs when I visited a couple of days before the Holiday. I asked for a cream filled doughnut, which Gibson’s had anyway because they have an exemplary variety of doughnuts at all times:


See all that glorious cream that the doughnut cannot contain within its glorious self? You think you’re going to get bite after bite of creamy, um, cream, right?

A peek inside (as suggested by Cousin Gwen) had me anticipating this doughnut with ever fiber of my being: SO MUCH CREAM!


The thought of bite after bite of lovely cream and the stellar Gibon’s glazed doughnut had me so excited about this doughnut, I was a little sad I took the time to take this many photographs of it.

Then I ate it.

Y’all, it was just a tube of cream through the middle. Don’t get me wrong: it was very, very tastee. But not what I was expecting. Of course, this was not an Official National Cream Filled Doughnut Day doughnut. But if Gibson’s can fill up almost every square centimeter of the apple cinnamon doughnut with cinnamon apples, shouldn’t they be able to get lots and lots of cream inside a doughnut? Apples are chunky and cumbersome; cream is light and … well, it’s creamy! Maybe there’s a complicated chemical/cooking/sugar reason for this.

Scoring is tricky. My disappointment in the cream to doughnut ratio aside, this is a really tastee doughnut. For real, get it the next time you go to Gibson’s. And again, this was not an Official National Cream Filled Doughnut Day doughnut. But it’s what they gave me when I asked for a cream filled doughnut. Harrumph.

Tastee score: 8.

Really, Gibson’s, I love you. I really do. Just as much as these folks do:







New Orleans

This weekend, I was at a conference that offered breakfast before the morning sessions. Every day, doughnuts were available. And every day, I chose the healthier other options because I knew none would measure up to Gibson’s. On the last day, I gave in and tried a cake-y-looking doughnut.

As I anticipated, it was disappointing. The glaze wasn’t right; it was dry; and it was just … not Gibson’s. I look forward to my trip to Gibson’s each weekend, but this poor doughnut made me look forward to my trip even more.

As I scrolled through Instagram (only during breaks during the conference. Definitely NOT while anyone was speaking – that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it) I saw that Gibson’s had special doughnuts to celebrate the beginning of football season:


From Gibson’s Instagram page

Notice the powdered sugar sifted on top of the doughnut? This kind of attention to detail is why Gibson’s is the best. Easily better than that poor, tired-out ole doughnut at the conference. I had hoped I could try a GTG doughnut this week, but they were all gone (understandably) by the time I got there.

Instead, I tried the the New Orleans doughnut. New Orleans: the name conjures up visions of Mardi Gras, King cake and beignets, doesn’t it? A city that loves to celebrate and a city that loves its food. It creates high expectations for the doughnut that bears its name. I asked the Gibson’s person about the New Orleans, and he said it was like a ball of pound cake, and it was his favorite. So with that recommendation, of course I had to try it.

Also, the New Orleans is one of among about 3 or 4 doughnuts that have their own category on the Gibson’s menu. Another very good sign.

I was so excited about this doughnut, even after a S’mores PopTart appetizer before dinner (adulting can be fun), that I almost forgot to take a photograph. Have no fear, Tasteers, here you go:


Y’all, the Gibson’s person was Spot! On! Despite its relatively nondescript appearance, this doughnut is fantastic! Delicious pound cake fried into a doughnut with just the right amount of glaze. The inside was barely sweet, as a pound cake should be. The bottom of the doughnut was baked a little more than the top, resulting in a lovely texture and a kind of creamy flavor.

This one is almost – or maybe more – tastee than the Old Fashioned (which will be getting a score adjustment in the future). I’ll have to do a side-by-side comparison sometime in the future.

Tastee score: TEN!!

Doughnut news: This week, from Cousin Sarah (who picked me up at the airport at 10:30 pm!), who sent me this photo of a Doughnut WALL! Tastee and beautiful decorating – the perfect combination. For those of you who are wondering, I would want a green wall: