Oreo Doughnut

For reals, y’all. Oreos and doughnuts in one bite. It’s like dessert for breakfast without having to justify it. (E.g.: “Of course, I can eat cake for breakfast – it’s the day after my birthday, first day of work/school, etc.” OR “Cupcakes are muffins with frosting – so pretty much the same thing.” You get the drift.)

How did I decide on the Oreo Doughnut? I learned from Gibson’s Donuts Instagram that it was once a doughnut of the month (like the Jolly Rancher is the Doughnut of the Month of August), but the Oreo doughnut was so popular, Gibson’s added it to the regular line-up. There were only three left in the case, so you know that the people of Memphis love this doughnut

Before we evaluate the Oreo Doughnut, let’s examine the Oreo cookie:

Image result for oreos

Photo from The Christian Science Monitor

Creamy filling inside two chocolate cookies – a nice treat. But I ask you: do you think the cookie part is realllly chocolate? Here’s why I ask: I am of the “twist and eat” school of Oreo consumption.  I twist off one cookie, eat the filling, then eat the remaining cookie. As opposed to those who eat the whole cookie on one bite. (I have also been known to carefully lift the filling out of a chocolate Oreo and place it inside a vanilla Oreo if I think the flavors would taste better that way.) As a result, I feel I am familiar with the taste of the Oreo cookie part of the Oreo. I think I last ate one in May or June, in case you’re wondering. So not so long ago that I can’t remember what it tastes like.

Anyway, I say all this to say this: the chocolate cookie of the Oreo doesn’t really taste chocolatey. This is important as we evaluate the Oreo Doughnut.

Oreo2 II

As you can see, Gibson’s created a kind of deconstructed Oreo: crushed Oreo cookie on top of white (vanilla?) glaze. They were very liberal with the crushed Oreo, which I appreciated. The glaze was also quite generously slathered on the doughnut – a very good doughnut-making decision.

The taste: like an upscale Oreo cookie, except there was no chocolate taste. But as we’ve discussed, the Oreo doesn’t really taste chocolatey.

I feel a little conflicted about the score. I can’t penalize Gibson’s for the lack of chocolatey flavor of the Oreo. But that ended up creating  a less than satisfying doughnut. Not on the part of Gibson’s, by any means, of course.

It is true to the taste that should be expected, so:

Tastee score: 8

Doughnut News: Gibson’s Instagram, which they apparently started on August 6. There are beautiful photos of doughnuts, and some videos showing how they make the doughnuts! One day, I hope I can ask them lots of questions about their doughnut-making process and how it makes their glazed doughnut so superior to all other glazed doughnuts.





  1. Too bad it’s not chocolatey. It has a rather formal appearance, as if it might be served at a black tie event. Not that they serve Doughnuts at black-tie events, but if they did I bet people would really like it!


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