Cinnamon-Blueberry Crumble … Or Is It?

I mean, does it get any tastee-ier sounding than this?? I was so, so excited to hear about this flavor at Gibson’s! As was Cousin Gwen, who in the spirit of the Olympics, pre-scored this doughnut as a 10.

After I ordered, my very helpful Gibson’s person tried to talk me into another doughnut, like Glazed. At any other doughnut shop, that’s a pretty easy no. But at Gibson’s? The mere mention of the Glazed doughnut instantly makes visions of sugarplum fairies dance in my head and my mouth start to water, due to the doughnut perfection that it is.

Somehow, I managed to exert my very weak doughnut-will power to say no to the additional doughnut. That was hard. Really hard. But I know it will be there every single time, so I can have another whenever I want.

But back to the Cinnamon-Blueberry Crumble. One would think the taste would be equal parts cinnamon and blueberry, right? But look at it. (hint: foreshadowing)

BlueVinCrumble 2

The TINY, TINY bits of blueberry should have been my first clue. But I still had the memory of the blueberry doughnut in my mind. I wanted some blueberry!

BUT it was mainly cinnamon. As in, you wondered if the blueberry was an imaginary flavor. Now, I’m not complaining about the cinnamon – this tasted like a delicious cinnamon crumble coffee cake. So delicious. BUT (again) the doughnut was advertised as Cinnamon BLUEBERRY. Should the secondary placement of “blueberry” in the name have indicated that the blueberry flavor wouldn’t be as prominent?

I’m not sure. But I wanted more blueberry.

The doughnut part was almost like an Old-Fashioned, but more coffee-cake-ish. Appreciating that taste alone was very nice. In fact, it saved the doughnut from a lower score due to the lack of blueberry:

Tastee score: 7

Doughnut news: I’m so sad the Olympics are over, although I’m glad I can have a decent bedtime again. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to achieve the peak physical performance of the Olympians, you’ll be glad to know that doughnuts can be part of a successful Olympic diet:





    1. Pre-scoring is another way of saying “expectations”, which is part of the Tastee Scoring System. I think if they had put the crumble on top of the blueberry doughnut – we easily would have had a 10.


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