Who is the Jolly Rancher?

It seems that Gibson’s comes up with new flavors on a weekly basis. This week, as I scanned multiple doughnut choices for this week’s doughnut, I noticed something new: this very happy looking doughnut amongst the reliable favorites:

JR 2

Gibson’s had a little sign in this section of the display case announcing this doughnut flavor is “Jolly Rancher,” the hard candy that comes in dozens of fruit flavors.

Photo from CandyFavorites.com

But then I started wondering: why is a candy brand named Jolly RANCHER? Should that brand name be for beef? Think about it, you don’t really need a ranch for candy, right? And is the Jolly Rancher related to the Jolly Green Giant? The Jolly Green Giant grows vegetables, so if the Jolly Rancher is raising cattle, this would be a logical partnership, no? To add to my confusion, I’ve just realized the Jolly Green Giant’s chant of “Ho, ho, ho!” references either the Hostess snack cake or Santa’s traditional greeting.

Ay yi yi, who knew candy could be so confusing? But I digress. You came here for doughnuts, not for discussions about beef and branding questions. (Oh! Almost a pun there, my apologies.)

This doughnut gains points for appearance:  doesn’t it look so fun, with all the different colored candies dotting the white (vanilla?) glaze? In the interest of full disclosure, this doughnut suffered a travel snafu – the doughnut got tumped over on its glazed side. Before that unfortunate turn of events (pun intended, no apologies), the doughnut was a little more 3D: the candies were not mushed into the glaze.

The candy bits were small enough that you won’t break a tooth while eating them, but there’s still a slight crunch, assuring you that the candy is indeed the real thing.

Gibson’s creativity is also notable – I would have never thought of adding a hard candy to a doughnut topping.

The taste? HOO-BOY, the topping is VERY sweet. Like you’re eating a candy doughnut. The doughnut part did not taste as if it contained additional sugar, or this doughnut would have been sweet enough to curl my toenails.

Tastee score: 8

Doughnut News

This week’s doughnut news: when Olympic swimming gold medalist Simone Manuel returned to Houston (my former residence), how did she want to celebrate? By eating doughnuts, of course!





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