A Healthy, Weight Loss Doughnut

My goal of saving lots of sweet calories for my birthday cake is still in effect, so this week, I got only one doughnut: Apple Cinnamon Filled.

Which is a totally healthy choice: apple = fruit = healthy, right? Then I found out that cinnamon increases your metabolism and burns belly fat, among other healthy outcomes. So really, I couldn’t have picked a better doughnut! It’s almost like this doughnut burns off all its calories just by eating it.

And there’s MORE! Next week is National Apple Week, so it’s the perfect time to pick up this tastee doughnut.

ApCin 2

Look at that appley-cinnamony goodness literally oozing out of the doughnut! The aroma was heavenly: I was salivating all the way home with the scent of this doughnut wafting in my car.

The margin of doughnut was very small, allowing for apple cinnamon in every single bite. Baking this filling in a sugar doughnut versus a glazed doughnut was also a great choice on the part of Gibson’s. The sugar topping accentuated the tastee flavors. A glazed doughnut, on the other hand, would have detracted from the apple cinnamon flavor and made it too sweet.

Tastee score: 9

One more note: the Olympics start this weekend! Even though this news does not appear to be doughnut-related, think of doughnuts as medals, since they’re kind of the same shape. That way, eating a doughnut is basically an award for whatever goal you met this week (like being able to eat only one Gibson’s doughnut).







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