Orange You Craving Orange Cream?

So I’m down to one doughnut per weekend: my birthday is coming up, and I want to save room for Tastee Birthday Cake.

This past weekend, I stopped at Gibson’s on my way home from church. I noticed a new flavor: Orange Cream (or Orange Dream? – the writing was a little hard to see through the crowd of folks lined up for the large selection of doughnuty tastee-ness). Orange is not my favorite flavor, but I soldiered on for the sake of a complete review of the entire Gibson’s menu.

Orange cream 2

The photo does not do justice to the light peachy-orangey color. And can you see how creamy the glaze is?

This doughnut tasted exactly like every orange cream Popsicle and/or candy you ever ate in your whole life. The ratio of glaze to doughnut was perfect: such creamy orangey sweetness complemented by the perfection that is the Gibson’s glazed doughnut. The cream notes and the orange notes were indistinguishable, as any good (fill-in-the-blank) cream-flavored anything should be. This Orange Cream was definitely an Orange Dream.

I enjoyed my return to a non-fancy, but tastee, doughnut this past weekend. Definitely grab this doughnut if you visit Gibson’s any time in the near future.

Tastee score: 9.

In other Doughnut News, Cousin Gwen informed me of this Sad Doughnut Mix-Up. I think we call all learn a lesson here: Eat ALL the glaze on the doughnut, even if it’s fallen on your car’s floorboard. The five-second rule is a real thing, y’all.








  1. What an awesome choice, because August is National Orange Month! That dougnut really does look like it’s got a melty Orange Creamsicle on top. Mmmmmm. Hey, do they have a Froot Loops Doughnut?


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