Weekend at Gibson’s Donuts

This past weekend, I made my first Saturday morning Tastee Trek to Gibson’s. That place was HOPPING!  The line wound its way all the way from the cash register to the door. Despite the large number of doughnut fanatics and several folks who were taking their time in deciding which doughnuts to take home (because who wouldn’t?), I was in and out in about 7 minutes.

I’m also fairly certain I saw Mr. Gibson was behind the counter helping. Wearing dusty pink cotton twill pants, which he rocked.

Two doughnuts this week:

Cream Puff

This was my first major transport mishap. The doughnut tumped over in the bag somehow, so the creamy top was mushed. But it still looked so, so pretty. I will not tell you whether I chose this doughnut because it was so lovely or because I was excited about the cream, chocolate, and pink sprinkles. A doughnut-blogger has to keep some secrets, right?

Cream puff 2

This is one very sweet doughnut: cream in the middle; chocolate glaze, a sugary topping with pink sprinkles, plus the base of the perfect glazed doughnut. It makes the sugar-lovers wish that sugary treats were really part of a well-balanced breakfast, just like the commercials on Saturday morning cartoons claimed.

I really, really enjoyed this doughnut. The flavors were proportional: a slip of chocolate, lots of the topping, the faintest crunch of the sprinkles, and of course, the glorious glazed doughnut – it almost drowned out the rich cream in the middle. A doughnut purist might complain that there were too many flavors going on at one time.


This is the best doughnut I’ve had in several weeks. I will say that I wish the cream were a tad more prominent in the flavor rush. As a result:

Tastee score: 9

Pineapple Fritter

Pine fritter 2

This thing is YUGE! as a certain Presidential candidate would say. Seriously, I wasn’t hungry again until lunchtime, and normally, I need a mid-morning snack.

Heating this fritter in the microwave proved to be tricky: it’s so large, it was hard to heat  evenly, even after I cut it in half. I didn’t want to overheat it, so it ended up being slightly above room temperature, and that worked nicely.

Like the apple fritter, the appearance of the pineapple fritter promises all kinds of pineappley goodness tucked inside. I knew the glaze would make this thing sweet.

But just how sweet?

psych wait for it animated GIF

(Psych fans will get the connection.)

Just sweet enough! The taste was fantastic: it was exactly what you would want in a pineapple fritter: a balance of the brightness of the pineapple with the darker notes in the fritter. The glaze enhanced the flavor and did not make the pineapple taste canned, so I will again choose to believe that Gibson’s uses fresh fruit.

Tastee score: 9

Also, what kind of doughnut fan would I be if I did not make the stereotypical connection of doughnuts to police officers? My deepest respect for the police officers who were killed in Dallas protecting the protestors two weeks ago and for the police officers in Baton Rouge who were killed on Sunday. I join many others in offering prayers for their families, friends and coworkers. May God protect all of our law enforcement officers as they work to keep us (and doughnuts) safe.



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