Week 5 – Frittering the Week Away

Well, after trying on some pants that had that “fresh out of the dryer” feeling (read: a tad snug), I’ve decided to cut back to two doughnuts per weekend. This week, I chose powdered and apple fritter.

Here’s the problem: the apple fritter is HUGE! As in, almost the size of two doughnuts. Thankfully, I started a running club this week. The more I run, the more doughnuts I can eat, right? I am choosing to suffer for the sake of art – the art of doughnuts. Could there be a higher calling?

I doubt it.

On to the doughnuts:


Powdered 3

Isn’t this a lovely doughnut? I fear the delicate powdery exterior blends in too much with the white plate for you to appreciate its delightful exterior. During the trip home, some of the powder fell off in the box. Other parts of the powder transferred onto the apple fritter, as you’ll see in a bit. But there was still plenty left to experience this doughnut. I ate half at room temperature and the other half warmed up. I will tell you: warmed up was better. Something about heating these doughnuts makes all the flavors come together better.

It’s an okay doughnut. The powder tastes like powder. Same texture, too.

Tastee score: 6

Apple Fritter

Fritter 2

I ate a third of this on Saturday morning and could taste the apple loud and clear. I ate the remaining two-thirds on Sunday morning and couldn’t quite detect as much appley flavor. But somehow, it seemed the apple flavor and the doughnut flavor had melded into one flavor – which I guess one could call “apple fritter.”

I like all the bumps and ridges in this doughnut/fritter (just ignore the powered sugar). You can just imagine all the chunks of apple baked inside the tastee frittery (fritteree?) goodness. The aroma after it’s been warmed up? So, so inviting.

Next time, I’m gonna eat this as soon as I get it home for the more distinct apple taste.

Tastee score: 8


Last weekend, I was inspired by Cousin Gwen to bake what we’ve affectionately termed the Swiss Miss Cookies. Y’all, they are good. As in TASTEE! But when I baked them, the marshmallow on top got kind of wonky:

Swissmisscookie 2

Remind you of anything? Something like THIS??

Egg 2

Even with egg-shaped marshmallows, the cookies are so very good. Tastee chocolate-y, chewy cookies. There are no more, because, as Cousin Gwen put it, I “ran out” of them. Yeah, that’s the problem. I “ran out.”



One comment

  1. You are hilarious! Suffering for the sake of art. Excellent justification. Um, that fritter picture is drool-inducing. Hey, perhaps your running club can descend upon Gibson’s after the next 5K?


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