Week 3 – Eat Your Fruits (& Veggies)!

June 17, 2016

Before we get to the doughnuts, I need to explain my breakfast philosophy: I like every breakfast to include protein and one serving of fruit (or vegetables). After Friday’s breakfast, though, I was down to two strawberries, far less than a full serving. I needed more fruit for my Saturday morning breakfast so I wouldn’t start the slow slide toward scurvy! Obviously, the way to  get a full fruit serving was via a doughnut. So at my weekly trip to Gibson’s, I got the Raspberry Filled and Blueberry doughnuts. I noticed Maple Bacon was available this week, so I got that one as well. (I have family members who are obsessed with bacon.)

Raspberry Filled


There is a LOT of raspberry filling in this one. It is all packed into the center of the doughnut, leaving about a half inch margin or more of doughnut. Normally, I would want the filling spread out closer to the edges so I could taste the raspberry with each bite, but the glazed doughnut is so good, I didn’t mind.

This doughnut is also very, ahem, filling. As in, plan for a small salad for lunch. And maybe for dinner. (Full disclosure: I had half the Blueberry with the Raspberry Filled.)

It’s also fun to eat this doughnut – with all the strategizing about which bite to eat next to keep all the filling from dripping down onto the plate.  I’m not being sarcastic here. The eating experience was enjoyable.

I liked this doughnut, but I think I would have liked it more if the raspberry taste had been stronger. Others might appreciate the subtle taste. Note: this is one of my mother’s favorite of Gibson’s doughnuts.

Tastee score: 7

So sorry, Momma!

(Momma later explained that to get the full effect of the raspberry, my first bite should have included the raspberry. I will remember this next time. Because there will be a next time.)


No subtle fruit flavor here! The blueberry taste fills your mouth immediately. Does Gibson’s use fresh blueberries for this doughnut? If not, then I blame those canned blueberries that come in the boxed blueberry muffin mix for confusing my palate.

This is one of their more cake-y doughnuts. The doughnut-iness and blueberry-ness match delightfully. Look at all the blueberries!

Blueberry 1

There is a distinct possibility I made up my morning fruit deficit with this doughnut.

Tastee score: 9

(No, I’m not like that French judge. I really want to reserve the 10 for truly outstanding doughnuts, and I’m still at the beginning of my doughnut trek.)

Maple Bacon

A note about the Gibson’s staff: they placed the paper they use to pick up the doughnuts right over the top of the Maple Bacon doughnut, keeping it from rubbing against the other doughnuts. So barely any of the bacon pieces had fallen off when I got my bag of taste-ness home.

Maple Bacon 1

It’s like the bacon crumbles had their own kind of guard. I don’t know if this was intentional, but I’m going to choose to believe the Gibson’s staff believes their doughnuts are works of art that must be carefully protected on their journey to their new home.

On to the doughnut itself:

I have tried other Maple Bacon doughnuts. Usually, either the maple taste or the bacon taste wins out. Or the maple taste is more sugary than mapley. In fact, I chose to save half the Blueberry to eat after the Maple Bacon, just in case it was too salty.

I shouldn’t have been concerned, however. The Gibson’s version is pretty good. I like how the bacon is crumbled into small pieces on top, which makes the bacon taste present, but not overpowering. The maple glaze flavor was not very prominent, similar to my experience with the Chocolate with Sprinkles. I heated both in the microwave for about 10 seconds. I suspect the heating is melting the flavored glaze just enough to dilute the taste. At some point, I will have a re-do for these two flavors.

Tastee score: 7

Note: I ate the Maple Bacon doughnut and half the Blueberry for breakfast on Sunday: all the necessary breakfast food groups in doughnut form!

If you like maple bacon favors and you like cookies, stay tuned: I’ll point you in the direction of a tastee maple bacon cookie!



  1. Blueberry – sounds just delightful. It is also an antioxidant, so while you are getting your fruit serving you are also improving your complexion. A win win situation.


    1. It’s very important to have a balanced breakfast, no? At least, that’s what all the cereal commercials told us!


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