Week 2 – Let’s try some variety

June 10, 2016

If I learned anything from my first week of Gibson’s doughnut menu trekking, it was that two doughnuts were not enough, so for Week 2, I got – you guessed it – THREE doughnuts: Glazed, Old-Fashioned, and Chocolate with Sprinkles.

I’m going to review them in the reverse order that I ate them:

Chocolate with Sprinkles

I ate this one last – on Sunday evening (after buying it on Friday night). This doughnut is aesthetically pleasing: the milk chocolate glaze really sets off the brightly colored sprinkles.

See them there on the second row from the top?

Photo from Gibson’s Facebook page

So, so pretty.

But y’all, I think I made a mistake by waiting so long to eat this doughnut. It was a tad dry on the inside, despite my faith in the vacuum-sealing powers of microwave storage. I was also expecting a tad more chocolate-y taste than my taste buds experienced, but again, I might have waited too long to eat it. I heated it up in the microwave – could that have diminished the taste?

Tastee score: 6

I will revisit the Chocolate with Sprinkles and eat it closer to the buy date. I bet it will get a higher score next time.


For the full review of this doughnut, see my last post. Week 2 demonstrated a solid consistency: the old-fashioned was just as tastee as last week’s. Something about the old-fashioned makes me want to immediately eat another one.

Tastee score: I’m keeping it at a 9, just in case the Nadia Comaneci of doughnuts is on the horizon. Which brings me to:


Oh. My. Word.

Easily the best glazed doughnut I’ve ever had in my entire life. For reals. (As a lawyer, I’m an officer of the court, so I’m bound BY LAW to give the honest truth.)

To appreciate the glory of this glazed doughnut, some background: Either because of or despite its relative simplicity, it seems nearly every other doughnut shop can’t get this reliable stand-by quite right. The inside is either too flaky and dry, or it’s too dense, approaching an old-fashioned-type consistency, but not all the way to that point, resulting in something that kind of tickles the doughnut itch, but doesn’t really scratch it. Also, lots of doughnut shops can’t get the glaze right – it crumbles off onto your plate (or skirt. Or floor.) just by touching it. So you end up eating a dough-flavored doughnut, or desperately trying to hold the rapidly crumbling glaze onto the doughnut as you put it in your mouth so you can experience some modicum of sweetness.

Not so with Gibson’s.

The fine folks there have created the perfect glazed doughnut. Dare I say it is the Holy Grail of doughnuts? The inside is light but exactly the doughnut-y consistency your heart dreams about. The glaze stays perfectly in place ON the doughnut where it should be with minimal crumbling. And I ate it on Sunday morning, so it was over 24 hours old, but held its flawless tastee-ness for that long. It is sweet … so sweet! But just enough to make you happy, not so much that you want a Frito afterward to cleanse your palate.

Tastee score: A Perfect 10.

Photo from Gibson’s Facebook page

Don’t you want them ALL?

I’m not the only one who raves about the Gibson’s glazed doughnut: so does foodie and cookbook author Alton Brown. See his ode to the Gibson’s glazed doughnut here.



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