National Doughnut Day

June 3, 2016

Fittingly, I began my trek through Gibson’s menu on National Doughnut Day. I got to the store at around 9:00 pm, and the line was out the door – almost all the way down to the next business. So many Memphians knew where to celebrate National Doughnut Day! Everyone in line waited patiently, as we all knew the tastee-ness that awaited us.The line moved quickly, though, due to the efficiency of the staff. Or it could have been due to the fact that Gibson’s was nearly OUT of doughnuts! (Fewer choices = less decision time = faster line.)

Memphis nearly ate Gibson’s out of doughnuts!

The only options were powdered and old-fashioned. I ordered two old-fashioneds and headed home to indulge.

I didn’t take a photo of the doughnuts because ate them too quickly. I found this photo on the interwebs, but full disclosure: this is NOT a Gibson’s old-fashioned doughnut. Gibson’s doughnuts don’t need accessorizing:

Photo from

But it gives you the general idea.

I held myself to one doughnut when I got home so I could stretch out my enjoyment as long as possible. A quick heat-up in the microwave made it tear apart fairly easily, so I could eat it in smaller bites, politely, you know, the way your mother expects you to eat at a big family dinner with the good china.

The old-fashioned is not an especially attractive doughnut, but the cake-iness was lovely. The taste was a perfect balance between cake and doughnut. Sweet, in a “sugar should really be good for you” way, but not in a “Lord, have mercy, this is just sugar” way.

I ate the second doughnut on Saturday morning, and it was still fresh and cakey. (I stored it in the microwave, because I’ve been told it vacuum seals whatever you put in there. You kitchen scientists can debate that fact on your own.) As soon as I ate the last bite, I wanted more, but sadly, I had not anticipated the amount of tastee-ness I had brought home with me.

Tastee score: 9.

It’s possible I will adjust the score up to a 10, but this was the first doughnut. You know how in the Olympics, the first gymnast to perform his or her floor routine usually gets a lower score so the judges can save the 10, just in case someone else does better? This is the situation here.

What is your opinion of Gibson’s old-fashioned?








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